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Cannabis Extraction Labs

Cannabis Extraction Labs looking to interact with verified buyers and sellers of cannabis products on a secure Cannabis extraction Marketplace can join the NorCal Global Commodities Exchange, or NorCal GCX.

In the buying and selling of cannabis products, cannabis extraction labs are often contacted by agents or brokers representing either buyers of cannabis products that have gone through the extraction process or sellers of cannabis products in need of extraction services. When this happens, these agents are often just fishing for information to compare one lab with another lab. This creates false hope for the lab believing they have a sale as a result of misrepresentation, which overall hinders the industries perception from the public when it comes to the CBD industry as a whole. 

NorCal GCX has set in place a self regulating marketplace that only caters to vetted extraction labs and buyers and sellers of cannabis products, eliminating the middle man in between. This includes the real investors who were previously going through a middle man or broker to the extraction lab facilities and to the end user of the derived cannabis products; all of these business owners and individuals can now access the Extraction Lab’s products right through the GCX Exchange, which is powered by Podio. 

How NorCal GCX Works

Every cannabis extraction lab that is looking to join the growing GCX Exchange Marketplace and have your profile listed inside the exchange must go through our vetting process. The vetting process consists of a $1,500 fee that is paid to NorCal GCX. A representative from NorCal GCX will visit, vet, and verify that the laboratory is in fact who they claim to be. Also included is a review of the lab and its facilities, along with proof of licenses that are uploaded into the Podio Portal.  

Our Cannabis Marketplace is home to only verified members which eliminates the issues labs face where brokers are posing as buyers or sellers. We have accomplished this because NorCal GCX requires that anyone conducting business on the site has been verified, granting your lab access to verified buyers and sellers.

After the vetting process has been completed, your Cannabis Lab can join our growing GCX Exchange Network and have your profile listed where you can provide pertinent information to buyers and sellers.

This is similar to what the stock exchanges do when a company wants to go public and trade on an exchange. The company has to go through a filing process to provide documentation that who they claim to be, they are. On the buyers side, when someone wants to buy shares in the company stock, a broker or dealer is in place that has the buyers information on file along with the funds so that when the buyer places an order, it is executed. Both the seller of the shares has them and the buyer has the funds to purchase them and in that moment that shares and funds change hands. NorCal GCX has streamlined a similar process for Extraction Labs for Cannabis Buyers and Sellers.

To learn more please contact us today at 415-475-9180