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What Is Nano Water Soluble CBD?

Nano water soluble CBD refers to nanotechnology that is able to break down CBD oil particles into more readily used CBD that our body can easily absorb. Because oil and water does not mix, nano technology makes traditional CBD water-soluble. Moreover, traditional topical CBD oils or CBD products can take a long time to have an effect because it takes longer for the body to absorb the CBD. Water soluble CBD does not have this problem.


What is Nano Water Soluble CBD Used For?

There are a variety of benefits and uses for both nano CBD products. Nano CBD is an isolate, however not all CBD isolates are nano CBD Products. Nano CBD isolates are more ‘bioavailable’ meaning that the large amounts of CBD that would traditionally be destroyed during digestion can now be absorbed. Nano technology also removes the earthy flavor found in full spectrum CBD, making nano CBD great for adding to water to make CBD water.


How NorCal GCX Works For Buyers and Sellers of Nano Water Soluble CBD? 

Buyers and sellers of Wholesale Nano Water Soluble CBD Products that are looking to do business with verified buyers or sellers of CBD products and not agents or brokers can join the growing online CBD Marketplace Exchange NorCal GCX. We are a Global Commodities Exchange that brings together verified buyers and sellers of CBD Products to create a verified portal where buyers and sellers can conduct successful transactions.

NorCal GCX has created our online CBD Marketplace Exchange to help facilitate positive and successful transactions within the CBD industry including Wholesale Nano Water Soluble CBD Products. By verifying and vetting every party within our exchange, which is powered by Podio, we can eliminate the hassle and issues that are created when agents and brokers misrepresent themselves as buyers or sellers of CBD Products.

Often times when buying or selling CBD, one of the parties is acting as an agent that is representing the buyer or the seller. On the buying side of the transaction, the agent, which is misrepresenting themselves as the buyer, is fishing for information from the lab or farmer to find out product type, quantity, price and other pertinent information.

On the other side of the equation, actual buyers of Wholesale Nano Water soluble CBD Products reach out to “sellers” which are in fact agents, not the farmers or extraction facilities. In this scenario, the buyer is ready to purchase, but the seller has to “confirm” availability of product, and the transaction falls through because the seller didn’t have the product.

NorCal GCX eliminates the middle man because no agents or brokers are allowed within our exchange portal. To get started, please call NorCal GCX for more information about our Wholesale CBD Marketplace Exchange which is powered by Podio at 415-475-9180.